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American Mule Tamer No. 1740

American Saddlery Mule Tamer in 15" and 16" seats.

1740webMule Tamer by American Saddlery

No. 1740-5 – 15" Seat
No. 1740-6 – 16" Seat

We believe this model is the perfect answer for the trail rider who wants to go the way on a mule. Steele Saddle Tree Company has designed this tree with the mule-fit in mind. Features a smooth grain-out padded seat, Sho-Tan’s soft, supple chestnut leather, with brass hardware including crupper and breeching dees. Available in medium oil or rich chestnut.

Tree: Fiberglass-covered modified white river
Swell: 11 1/2"
Gullet width: 6 1/2", Mule bars
Weight: Approx. 33 lbs.
Horn: Height 3", Diameter 3"
Cantle Height: 5"
Skirt Length: 25 1/2"; Skirt Width: 13"; Stirrup Leathers: 21/2" with Blevins buckles; Stirrups: Hand-laced leather-covered Visalia; Rigging: In-skirt solid brass 3-way rigging with rear dees.

Made in the USA

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